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Sometimes saying thank you can be difficult, especially when you don’t know someone well, or if you don’t want to embarrass someone or make him/her feel obligated to compliment you in return for your kind words. 

Do you want to send someone a compliment, encourage him/her or pass on good manners to someone else?  

If there is someone who was kind, courteous or generous that you would like to send a note of appreciation to? Get our brand new "You're So POLITE"! App now available FREE on iTunes and you can send that person an anonymous message highlighting the courteous behaviour and even suggest some great add-on tips for continuing to be courteous and civilized. 

BUT...What if there is someone who you think could use a manners lesson? Maybe a co-worker or friend who isn’t always as polite as you’d like him/her to be? We've got the App for that too!

Send a confidential message including tips for polite remedies to his/her rude behaviour by visiting our sister site You're So RUDE!

Get the "You're So POLITE" App on iTunes!
Get the FREE You're So RUDE App!
Get the FREE You're So RUDE App!
You're So POLITE!